Pure Print
Classical Printmaking in Contemporary Art


Technical demonstrations

– On various printing presses, experts demonstrate specific procedures such as wood engraving, photo etching and intaglio printing techniques, screen printing, aquatipia, chine-colle, sandblasting, production of trans­fer-paper, transfer of photocopies for professionals and interested public. All experts are invited to demonstrate techniques, discuss, ask and answer questions, and collect information. Participants of Pure Print International Printmaking Meeting and visitors are invited to watch the processes of image making or to do-it-yourself.


3 October

2pm – Technology Pavilion – room 303

Ana Margarida Rocha: Aquatipia on paper and glass


4pm – Technology Pavilion – room 205

Isabel TrabuloSilkscreen on Glass


10 October

2pm – Technology Pavilion – room 303

Catarina MarquesPhotopolymer – a Non Toxic Photo Intaglio Process


17 October

2pm – Technology Pavilion – room 303

Alexandra Rafael: Handmade Transfer Papers


24 October

2pm – Technology Pavilion – room 303

Georgina Milhazes: Photo- etching: silkscreen acrylic based resist


4pm – Technology Pavilion – room 205

João Cunha e CostaFaçade Tiles Painting – Masking


7 November (TBC)

2pm – Edifício AXA 1º Avenida

Célia Esteves e Márcia Novais: Print Camp – Stencil and Silkscreen


14 November (TBC)

2pm – Technology Pavilion – room 303

Andrew Folan: Grasping the Untouchable


27 November

4pm – Technology Pavilion – room 303

Yuriko Miyoshi: COPY-ETCHING / An etching technique using Xerox copy


28 November

2pm – Technology Pavilion – room 303

Sean Caulfield: Chine Colle and Mezzotint


26 November

2pm – Technology Pavilion – room 303

Peter Bosteels: wood engraving


5 December

Manuela Cristóvão: Sand blasting on metal plate


12 December

2pm – Technology Pavilion – room 303

Walter Batilloro: Chalcography: from traditional to experimental