Pure Print
Classical Printmaking in Contemporary Art



– Pure Print includes a Main Exhibition Room located at the Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto and several other exhibition spaces – Satellite Exhibition Rooms – located either inside and outside the faculty.

The Main Exhibition Room will be opened from the 28th November to the 26th December 2013, gathering the works of the invited artists and confronting the relations between the classical printmaking techniques and the various experimental contemporary contexts of the current practices.

The several other Satellite Exhibition Rooms will be held at three other spaces: two inside the faculty – Gallery Loja and Gallery Cozinha – and another one outside – Gallery Leões – located in Reitoria, and will happen within a specific schedule for each artist.


Main Exhibition Room

Aleksandra Janik

Andrew Folan

Akiko Taniguchi

Carmen Hidalgo de Cisneros Wilckens

Marta Aguilar Moreno

Mar Mendoza Urgal

Magdalena Hlawacz

Malgorzata Warlikowska

Peter Bosteels

Sean Caulfield

Wilma Lok


Satellite Exhibition Rooms

Noriko Yanagisawa: The body and the mind – Noriko Yanagisawa Printmaking Works Exhibition in Portugal

(12th September – 3rd October 2013 – Gallery Loja)


Mare Saare

(7th October – 11th October 2013 – Gallery Loja)


Hugo Besard: Bio-diversity… Cry freedom!

(7th October – 31st October 2013 – Gallery Loja)


Mami Higuchi + Naoji IshiyamaConsonance

(18th November – 9th December 2013 – Gallery Leões)


Esin Küçükbiçmen

(16th December – 20th December 2013 – Gallery Cozinha)