Pure Print
Classical Printmaking in Contemporary Art

Conference will be scheduled in 2014 and organized in thematic panels, presenting abstracts/papers and experimental projects/demos of short term.

There are two different themes for presentations:

The theme of the lectures is to present classical traditions of print and emerging technologies for printmaking in which the medium is presented as an integral component of current artistic practice. Integrated in a four months long program of workshops and open demonstrations designed to share the classical and the latest research and innovations in printmaking, the conference aims to celebrate the inherent experimental and interdisciplinary nature of print practices. Recognizing the importance of setting up a practiced based platform for a direct and practically-oriented research, as much the emphasis on classical printmaking, its goal is to promote a discipline that continuously seeks to explore the broadening possibilities for the graphic artifact in the digital age. Participants will show whether their direction is located in the traditions of print, printmaking and publishing, or in new innovative and combined technologies for the exploration of contemporary print developments.


Talks can be presented in Portuguese, Spanish and English.