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18 – 19 November

Naoji Ishiyama: Basics of the drypoint technique


Introducing the basics of the drypoint technique from making tools to printing.

Drypoint technique is known as one of the easy access printmaking technique for beginners. But if you’ve got the certain knowledge, this technique has great potential of straight and deep expression for professional artists.

In this workshop, we will make our own tools to understand how they works and learn concrete and secure way to print which will make us easier to work and give us freedum to express ourselves.


Day 1st

Presenting my works as an introduction.
Making the tools (needles and pin-burnisher).
Using the tools on the test plate.

Day 2nd

Making inks.
Progressing the plate.



 Basics of the drypoint technique

18 – 19 November

Schedule:Monday 18/11 – 14:00 -20:00/ Tuesday 19/11 – 16:00-20:00

Vacancies: 12

Room: Technology Pavilion – 303


intimate landscape-2012-137x900cm-drypoint