Pure Print
Classical Printmaking in Contemporary Art


The first Print Camp will take place at EDIFÍCIO AXA from Thursday 2 pm to 20 pm and Saturday, 10 am to 13 pm and 14 pm to 20 pm.

Participants can attend the two days or simply one of the days.

Target participants for Print CAMP are:

–          Printmakers and print practitioners;

–          Designers, Print collectives, artists associations, or anyone who wants to know how they can use print and printmaking into collaborative projects;

–          Anyone who is interested in professional fine art printmaking skills to develop new communicative strategies;

–          Makers and DIY people who want to learn more about silkscreen printing and other stencil techniques;

–          People highly interested in traditional and digital new tools for printing;

–          People interested in the potential of an infinite flexible, accessible art form and the use of innovative expertise;

–          People interested in illustrating an idea and printing it

What is PRINT CAMP? It’s a participant-driven intensive workshop focused on the use of traditional technology such as silkscreen and stencil, combined with vinil cutting and the use of digital software, to produce a collaborative edition of posters.

Everyone who comes to the event is expected to helping in organizing it somehow with different contributions: to make an illustration, helping to print it, sharing ideas and experiences about the use of the printed image, asking good questions, mounting exhibition of printed materials, learning and starting some new relationships for future projects.

The intensive workshop is FREE: But you need to make formal a registration or participation for Print Camp with  Ana Cachucho.because there limited number of participants.


7 nov 14:00—20:00

maximum 40



9 nov 10:00—13:00 // 14:00–18:00

maximum 20

Full program soon




The demonstrations included in Print Camp will cover the use of stencil based processes such as direct silkscreen with vinil masks and cut outs made of acetate or paper, and printing possibilities such as rollers, brushes,  sponges  and hand press.


During demonstration  participants will follow how the print camp poster was prepared, from original digital file to the positive printed onto poliester, to the silkscreened basic layout. On the other hand, other examples will be shown such as reprinting new information directly with other basic stencil methods.


Introduction and overview of the process

> ·         Looking at print examples

> ·         Preparation of digital artwork for silkscreen and vinil cutting

> ·         Screen preparation

> ·         Printing with different kinds of masking devices, such as paper, tape, acetate cut outs, vinil

> ·         Inking up the stencil and printing it with rollers, sponges, hand press