Pure Print
Classical Printmaking in Contemporary Art



2 – 5 December (TBC)

Wilma Lok  Pure Print Unica: Unique Prints from unrepeatable supports


Unique Prints from unrepeatable supports: oil based or water based Monotypes with subtractive or additive methods. Masks and Indirect (offset) Printing.

Traditionally Printmaking is characterized the repeatability of an image from an existing support-matrix. In this workshop, I introduce Printmaking Techniques from unrepeatable supports. Each image is unique, because acids or tools do not incise the matrix. The matrix remains virgin and you can use again for other images or for subsequent printing on the same image in layers.

This brings about an imaginary, characterized by the immediacy and rapidity familiar to certain Painting Techniques and the surprise factor Printmaking reserves us.

During the first session, a selection of images in a digital ‘slide show’, will introduce different techniques and applications. The variety of images these apparently simple techniques can produce, are chosen from 15 years of my experience in teaching/experimenting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia in Italy and include links to Artist Books, insertion of text in the imaginary, combination with Xerox transfers and more recently, experiments with digitally printed overlapping transparencies.


According to available time, a demo and samples on paper will introduce work sessions to the participating students in the following techniques:

– Monotype – Subtractive and Additive methods

– Monotype combined with Chine Collé

– Monotype, Masks, Indirect Printing and Ghost images.


Participants need to bring the following materials 

Scraps of thin (water resistant) fragments of photographs, drawings, newspapers, colour papers, etc., to insert in chine collé.

Pieces of materials with interesting textures and holes (thin and not sharp-edged to prevent cutting the felt while printing) for masking and indirect Printing.



Pencils, erasers, sketching paper

Permanent marker (medium or fine)

Rags, preferably white old cotton t-shirts

Cotton covered sticks (for cleaning ears)

Bamboo Spits or toothpicks

Some cheap bristle oil paint brushes (flat and round)

Apron or laboratory coat



Unique Prints from unrepeatable supports

2 – 5 December

Introduction*: Monday 2/12 – 17:00 -20:00/ Tuesday 3/12 – 17:00-20:00/ Wednesday 4/12 – 17:00-20:00/ Thursday 5/12 – 16:00-20:00.

*The introduction can also be open to a larger public.

Vacancies: 15

Room: Technology Pavilion – 303