Following a series of introductory workshops aiming to introduce print practitioners to print, focused on the use of technology such as photomechanical silkscreenstencilrelief printing, and intaglio to produce a collaborative edition of books, an introduction to the use of ebru, a turkish marbling technique, intensive workshops on concept application of print and printmaking into collaborative projects for reading space will be the strong key for this edition.

Starting  with Casa Soleiro, wood engraving workshop and ending  in May with In Pure Print, workshops will be once again a practice based platform for a direct and practically-oriented research, conceived to share the classical and the latest research and innovations in printmaking, with  the inherent experimental and interdisciplinary nature of print practices. Recognizing the importance of setting up a research that relates to PORTO, as much as the emphasis printmaking expanded definition, in this edition several editorial projects will be used as tools to explore the broadening possibilities for the graphic artifact to read space.

Photographers, printmakers, illustrators will work together to understand the impure nature of print, focusing  on specific technical aspects of printmaking related to photomechanical procedures, the use of wood engraving in print publications and illustrated media, the relevance of printed material in contemporary art, the respect for its intrinsic qualities and the skilled craftsmanship with which it is executed.