Artist Talk // Ludwika Zytkiewicz-Ostrowska

Shibori Arashi como o princípio e conceito // Ludwika Zytkiewicz-Ostrowska

Estou interessada em imprimir sobre têxteis no seu sentido mais amplo, desde técnicas antigas até a serigrafia e design.
Comecei a misturar o tradicional shibori Arashi com o conceito de arte moderna à medida que procurei o meu próprio modo de expressão. Este método japonês permitiu-me inúmeras técnicas complexas, como uma forma de tingimento resistente. As peças tridimensionais são feitas de seda tingida, retendo a textura fundamental dos padrões de shibori.

A técnica shibori Arashi, tornou-se um impulso subconsciente para encontrar harmonia entre a matéria da seda e a ideia artística.


I am interested in printed textile in their widest sense, ranging from old techniques to screen-printing and design. I find inspiration wherever I am. In my own creative work . I began to mix traditional shibori Arashi with modern concept of art as I searched for my own way of expression. I make my artworks of silk. The Japanese shibori method has given us numerous complex techniques such as shaped resist dyeing. I have used shibori to create unique new surfaces with extraordinary sculptural form. The three-dimensional pieces are made from dyed silk, retain fundamental texture of shibori patterns, they take on abstract shapes. Some are made from performed and cut-out textiles and are shown as illuminated sculptures. My fascination with shibori is also displayed in reliefs, objects and installations. Shibori has become my profession, my obsession, and my life for over ten years now. The shibori Arashi technique, which I used previously, has become a subconscious impulse to find harmony between the silk matter and the artistic idea. As a result I created works which combined fabric and the way it can be used, a vision and reality. I limited my colour range so that the entire attention of the recipient focused on the essence of matter, its processing and the reception of the installation. The individual elements of the mobile composition were arranged in a larger whole, depending on the context of place, time and space.

Ludwika Żytkiewicz- Ostro

Born in 1976 in Łódź, Poland. In 1995-2001 studies at the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź at the Faculty of Textile and Fashion. In 2001 she was awarded a first class honours diploma by the Printed Textile Studio led by Professor Maria Zielińska. In 2004 she was employed as Research and Teaching Assistant in the Department of Textile Print. In 2009 she was awarded an academic degree of Visual Arts. In 2015 assistant professor. Currently she leads the Experiment and Execution Studio in the Faculty of Textile and Fashion at the Department of Textile Print/ the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź, Poland Forms of artistic expression: reliefs, objects, installations. Since 2007 works presented at 9 solo shows (ex. Warsaw, Graz, Bratyslava, Budapeszt, Lauterach, Łódź, Nowy Targ, Kielce, Olkusz). Participated in over 95 group exhibitions and textile competitions in Poland and abroad. Many times awarded: Bronze Medal, 9th International Fiber Art Biennale 2016, From Lausanne To Beijing, Shenzhen/China, 2016; Nominated for Award of the Central Museum of Textile by the Jury of the 14th International Triennale of Tapestry, Łódź/PL 2013; Award of the Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences Branch in Łódź and the Conference of Rectors of Higher Education Institutions in Łódź/ PL2011; Award of the Slovak Textile Artists Association TxT, 13. Textile Miniature Exhibition “Revers Avers”/SK;2011; Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage 7’th edition Programme “Young Poland’10”; Prize of the Club of Textile Artists “Arttex”, 2’nd Triennial of Textile / SK; Crosscultural residencies of emerging textile artists in the framework of the “European Contemporary Tapestry and Textile Art”, residency the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels / B; “WELLEM BAR” residency in Bern / CH 2002; Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage’2001

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11 abril 2018
Galeria Cozinha