Artist Talk // Lennart– Jaak Mänd




Conversa de abertura da exposição PRINT PROPOSALS: Lennart Mänd, na Galeria Cozinha, no âmbito do PURE PRINT PORTO. Autor e encadernador, responde à questão: porquê fazer livros hoje?

Artist statement We are living in times where we, as designers and artists, need to find balance between “analogue (physical)” and “digital (virtual)”. There is no doubt that virtual world can handle some problems better and more sustainable way than traditional world. Never or less, as long human being can use all of its senses, can we pass on information and feelings in much more effective way by using all of them. Therefor I like real books!


Short bio
Lennart-Jaak Mänd born in 12.01.1968 in Tallinn, Estonia. Graduated in Estonian Art Academy 1998 Master of Arts.
Current occupation Head of Department of Leather Art, Accessory and Bookbinding Design, Professor.
Member of Estonian Association of Designer Bookbinders and Estonian Artist’s Union, board member in CIRRUS (Nordic-Baltic Network of Art and Design Education).
Participated on numerous art exhibitions since 1991 in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, UK, France, Italy, Portugal, USA, Hungary, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Belgium and Japan.

21 mar 2018
Galeria Cozinha