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Workshops will be dedicated to the general conceptual aspects of printmaking such as imprint, reproduction, seriality, physicality and translation. Workshops on concept application of print and printmaking into collaborative projects, opening up new possibilities and perspectives on crea­tive practice based on accessibility, old and new formats of art­ist’s books publishing, that is, developing opportunities to get professional fine art printmaking skills into the hands of as many print practitioners as possible.



To specific technical aspects of printmaking, the transferred image, the possibility of multiples, the obsession with the media and craft of printmaking, with intrinsic qualities of the materials as in the poetic associations they embody. How such approaches question the assumed immediacy and directness of drawing as well as its proximity to the body? Which expressive potentials can they claim to achieve? Workshops on traditional formats and clas­sical printmaking techniques.


To highlight printed material’s relevance to contemporary art, the significance of the choice of medium, its intrinsic qualities and the skilled craftsmanship with which it is executed, the inherent visual appearance resulting from each process. Workshops will introduce print and the influence of digital technologies and new media.


To highlight the potential of an infinite flexible, accessible art form, through case studies of artists work, new media, and tech­niques including ephemeral work, appropriated objects, print on alternative and new surfaces (glass, ceramics, concrete, leather, metal, plastic and textiles), use of unusual materials and tools, creating links with industry within an art research practice and the use of innovative expertise. Workshops will expand techno­logical borders.


List of Workshops:


10 – 12 November

Karen Lacroix: Research Riso Publishing

25 November, 2,9 and  16 December

Diogo Tudela +  Jonathan Uliel Saldanha: SpectralPrint/Impressão Espectral

Graciela Machado + Catarina Marques (Printmaking technical support)


11 December

Marcos Rizolli e Norberto StoriImagens fixas seriadas e a cultura visual

14:30 to 18.oo

12 December

Marcos Rizolli e Regina Lara Silveira Mello: Imagens fixas e a cultura material

14:30 to 18.oo


15 – 16 January

Ana João Romana: Assembling – Publishing in the Expanded Field

MARCH 2015 

16 – 19 March

Lennart MändCreative bookbinding and blind-tooling (blind-printing) on leather

25 – 26 March

Joana Maria Pereira + Kyung Hwa ShonBlindness – Vestiges of Image

APRIL 2015

8 April

Victoria RabalGyotaku – Capturar el alma de los peces

9 – 10 April

Victoria RabalImágenes de agua. La filigrana, de la tradición papelera a la creación artística

13 – 14 April

Mar Mendoza Urgal: Hacer de tripas corazón – de la fotografia al fotopolímero

20 – 22 April

Jurgis Bernatonis and Matas Duda: Cvbankas – Creative Thinking

21 – 23 April

Alicja Habisiak-MatczakThe Grained Image

MAY 2015

20 – 22 May

Nedda BoniniExperimentation Through the Altered Book


– Estudantes da FBAUP e de outras Unidades Orgânicas da UP

Workshops com 4 sessões- 35 Euros

Workshops com 3 sessões- 30 euros

Workshops com 2 sessões- 20 euros

Workshops com 1 sessão – 10 euros

– Docentes, funcionários e alumni da FBAUP ou de outras Unidades Orgânicas da UP / membros integrados ou colaboradores do i2ADS

Workshops com 4 sessões- 55 Euros

Workshops com 3 sessões- 50 euros

Workshops com 2 sessões- 40 euros

Workshops com 1 sessão – 20 euros

– Público em geral

Workshops com 4 sessões- 65 Euros

Workshops com 3 sessões- 60 euros

Workshops com 2 sessões- 50 euros

Workshops com 1 sessão – 30 euros

Preço especial: os interessados que se inscrevam em mais de 3 workshops têm um desconto de 10%.

O valor da inscrição inclui os materiais necessários.

As inscrições são feitas obrigatoriamente por e-mail para roberto.correia@i2ads.org com os seguintes dados:

– Workshop em que se inscreve;

– Indicação da modalidade de inscrição (estudantes UP; alumni UP/membros do i2ADS; público geral); – Nome Completo; – NIF; – Telefone; – Contacto preferencial de e-mail.

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