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4 to 7 May

Davide Antolini: Le terre coloranti naturali, colori sintetici moderni

In this workshop Nature matters, as well as the quality and variety of earth. Its aim will be to recover materials and old methods, as an alternative to standard and monotone of global market. Work can be done with several means, which can also be mixed together: tempera, acrylic, oil and egg white. The spirit of the workshop will be to combine binders from last 60 years, such as acrylic, with recent and organic pigments, by giving value to most natural things. By changing substrate and binders, which are more commonly found, we develop knowledge “from our hands”, which should protect us form globalization prepotency. It’s true that Canson paper is very suitable to paint with oil. But it’s also true that by adding a skimmed milk coat to a normal paper, it will also become very suitable to paint with oil. Therefore, becoming closer to the wide range of substrates, one becomes better at using the brush, and also becomes able to spare a lot of money. The theme of this workshop will be developed around: pigments, binders, extenders and substrates, always related to their manipulation.

Duration: 4 days (14 h)

Detailed program for each session:

Day 1 – Production of 3 watercolors and paintings with them following different rules: wet over dry, dry over wet, dry brush, velatura, and campitura close to campitura.

Day 2 – First phase of substrate’s preparation. First coat of glue (diluted acrylic resin) onto canvas structure. Gluing canvas onto the structure by using binder, spatula and brush (incamottatura). Watercolors’ transformation with egg white. Training drafts in watercolor on paper: hatches and stains.

Day 3 – Second phase of substrate’s preparation. Sandpaper the canvas and create a top layer of acrylic plaster which should dry. Give 3 or 4 layers with 30m in-between them to dry. Aside this, students will produce onto paper, an abstract collage, by mixing small cut pieces of newspaper leftovers with gum Arabic.

Day 4 – Final production of works. From choosing a detail from the previous newspaper collage, this detail should then be replicated onto canvas, by hand, by using tempera colors and natural and synthetic pigments. When the painting is finished, a particular shining effect will be noticed (similar to Agate’s stone). Finishing of the painting by retouch with: Agate’s stone, egg white or pigment, gum arabic and Acrylic resin.

This workshop is supported by Dolci Colori.

Le terre coloranti naturali, colori sintetici moderni

Davide Antolini

4 to 7 May

Schedule: 4/05 – 9:00 to 13:00 | 05/05 – 10:00 to 13:00  | 06/05 – 9:00 to 13:00  | 07/05 – 10:00 to 13:00

Vacancies: 12

Room: Technologies Pavilion Room 202