Pure Print






Self publishing in printmaking is a common practice. The artist is responsible for the entire process, from idea, to design, production and including distribution. Within this theme, artists will present an overview of their aesthetic intent; explain how techniques and processes employed serve their work, where they have concentrated their expertise, commitment and reverence for the print tradition. Such talks on the various processes employed by the artists will be held at exhibitions venues or lecture rooms and therefore will be providing general public insightful commentary on the subject of printmaking, transmitting the diverse conceptual and stylistic approaches. These presentations will also allow the public to visualize how artists explore the boundaries of print related methods as a means to question the mutability of print practice in the digital age.

MARCH 2015

9 March – 16h

Karen LacroixCabinet of Curiosities – History, Printing, Publishing

16 March – 17h

Lennart MändIntroduction to creative bookbinding

23 March – 16h

 Joana Maria PereiraThe intermittent experience: fleeting surfaces

26 March – 14h

Kyung Hwa Shon: The Surface of the City and the Depth of the Psyche

APRIL 2015

14 April – 18h

Javier Pérez IglesiasHacer de las tripas tripis: una selección del fotolibro español entre 2000 y 2015

23 April – 14h

Alicja Habisiak-MatczakThe Grained Image – Different Aspects of Printmaking in Łódź

MAY 2015

21 May – 14h

Nedda BoniniFree Book