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21 May – 14h (Technologies Pavilion – Room 303)

Nedda Bonini: Free Book

This talk will hold a lesson with video conferencing, such as to place the theme of the book and its experimentation through several design methodologies. Will present examples of works/book made on various issues and the results of the workshops during my education in the academies of Venice, Bologna, Rome, and Fundacion Tàpies in Barcelona, built in my artistic research.

In particular, the methodology will be presented altered book addressed in international project Libero Libro Essegi, which have already joined the Italian and Spanish academies and the University of Lisbon. And I also invite is open to students and Faculty of the host University of Porto.

In this first meeting will be distributed the project briefing: students who participate in the workshop are invited to groups or choose a book to screw on: students who participate in the workshops will be invited to choose a book to transform from book published in a disused libro d’artista, one piece original work and giving it a new life.

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