Pure Print


   Within Pure Print, for the last two years, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions have introduced participants to the basic techniques, both traditional and non-traditional, materials, processes and concepts that may support the practice of making artists books, and all sort of publications. From 2014 , we are in the process of expanding our publishing initiatives and to support a wide range of projects engaged in a creative exploration of the intersections of book arts, artists books, photography, experimental literature, printmaking, graphic design and other book-related creative endeavors. In this site, we will start by collecting and promoting the publications done as a result of innovation in the interdisciplinary practices of the artist’s book conducted in the printmaking studio. As such, the selection will have a focus on the material aspects of the book, how to explore hybrid forms, use other modalities of presentation such as installation, test one-of-a-kind books to books mechanically produced.

Posters Oficinas FBAUP (soon)

Oficinas de Técnicas de Impressão da FBAUP: Livro dos Elementos

Ana João Romana: Assembling – Publishing in the Expanded Field

Joana Maria Pereira + Kyung Hwa ShonUncovered invisible remnants