Pure Print

Joana Maria Pereira

Completed her BA in Sculpture and her MA in Drawing and Printmaking, both at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Porto; she is currently doing a research by project at the Royal College of Arts in London. Her research addresses issues such as appearance and Identity. Joana’s interest in that which is impermanent and eminently unexpected led her to explore, in the context of printmaking practice, a wide variety of fragile materials and of less conventional procedures; thus, substances such as face powder or graphite powder are key elements in her practice. Her fascination with printmaking lays on the notion of Imprint. Imprint as trace and mark; that which is made by the contact of two bodies and which can be detached from one body and transferred to another. Hence, her research draws the attention on the study of the Surface, the pellicle or, as Da Vinci announced: a thing of naught – that which fills no space – a permeable, visible and invisible screen.