Pure Print

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–   On various printing presses, on different workshops, through the publication of manuals, experts demonstrate specific procedures such as gliding, paper making, paper mounting, production of trans­fer-paper, lithography,  bookbinding, for professionals and interested public. All experts are invited to demonstrate techniques, present, document or simply discuss, ask and answer questions, and collect information through open sessions. Participants of Pure Print Elements Meeting and visitors are invited to watch the processes of image making or to do-it-yourself.


1 – Colagem reversível de papel – com Sean Caulfield


2 – Charneira em T – com Luís Nunes


3 – Encapsulamento em melinex – com Luís Nunes







Imagens da demonstração levada a cabo por Sean Caufield durante a inauguração da Exposição Principal do evento Pure Print em Novembro de 2012.

(fotografias por João Paulo Lima)