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20 – 22 May

Nedda BoniniExperimentation Through the Altered Book

The shape of the book, the total of his body and his signs are closely related to the contents. Choose the work in book form,  means reflects and enhance the ” Prince of knowledge instrument “, putting itself  to the test as artists with a fully physical object, and is particularly significant that this appening precisely at a time when print editions seem so distance themselves from our lives. The result of a collective work on the book leads to lower the distances with astonishing vividness in the realization of the object.

Duration: 3 days (4h per day)

Detailed program for each session:

1 day: Introduction to the workshop.

2 day: Talk Free Book – 14h. Participants are invited to confront the subject book, working in an original way, following paths dictated by their professionalism and their feel. For someone will be the contents of the book chosen to produce an idea, for others it will be the shape, materials or the typeface to determine the action of intervention on the book. We will address with students a laboratory for creation of an artwork/book through methods of relief printing, a monotype, cardboard stencils, collage, direct carving techniques, printing, sewing, drawing, etc.

3 day: During the last day we will finalize the artist book, giving a new form. Whoever wants to can merge the pages into a collective work. Ligation methods are proposed, folding and sewing the pages in various ways, traditional bonding techniques and artistic. Examples of ligation methods: a medieval parchment notebook floppy, to crown binding, oriental, bayonet, buttonhole stitch, etc.

Experimentation Through the Altered Book

Nedda Bonini

20 – 22 May

Schedule: 20/05 – 14:00 to 18:00, 21/05 – 14:00 (talk) and 16:00 to 20:00, 22/05 – 16:00 to 20:00

Vacancies: 8

Room: Technologies pavilion room 303

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