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Paper Arts  

–    Paper Arts is a course that aims to make an approach to paper in all its dimensions and, therefore, allows participants to create, share and learn methods of production useful on all areas of their practice. The course, composed of several modules and strongly based on the workshop format, is not only linked with the School’s own heritage (the drawing and the old print collections), but it also gives trainers, experts in the area, the chance to share their projects and publications as it aims to contextualize, know, decode, interpret, preserve and make paper. In this course paper will be at the root of many ideas: how to assemble it, how to paste it, how to paint it, how to print it, how to bind it, how to crease it, how to fold it. And, above all, how to communicate in an autonomous and critical way? Which tools ought to be used in order to create a much more critical, reflective and experimental practice?

A dominant aspect for this course is undoubtedly the self-publishing and the limited publications and artist editions. Therefore, these modules are organized around conservation and paper production techniques, bookinding and printing. During the course of these interconnected modules new chances of investigation and production will arise, always beginning with a practical introduction to the most emblematic technical models and with the participation of professionals who work in the field (typographers, binders, restorers, decorators) and with the clear goal of providing participants with complete autonomy to explore means of production which will increase experimentation and will generate new ideas and contents. The many technical pretexts presented serve a unique purpose: to train by making and to know the pleasure of production which will guarantee the sustainability of a future professional practice.

List of Courses:


Cartaz Convite _Artes do Papel

24 – 28 November

Ana Freitas + Luís NunesArtes do Papel – Módulo 1 – Papel como Suporte: Conservação e Exposição

MARCH 2015

18 – 20 March

Cristina Balbiano d’AramengoArtes do Papel – Módulo 2 – Encadernação Criativa / Creative Bookbinding


Glass Arts

The glass material shows qualities such as transparency, translucence, brightness and versatility making it an indispensable vehicle for the artistic creation. Today glass art presents itself as a contemporary and innovator field combined with both research and experimentation. Glass Arts is a course that aims to make an approach to printing techniques using glass in different techniques. Participants will be able to learn innovative methods to create art glass pieces. When working with glass it is necessary for the artist/designer to understand the potential the material offers and use it according to its modus operandis, so in these courses the participants will learn how to work with the material: glass.

As in Paper Art, glass Art, will be composed of several modules that will focus on workshop format. We will have sandblasting, decals on kiln-casting pieces. The participants will be able to acquire new skills, developed new techniques and also create individual work.



6, 13, 20 and 27 February

Ana Margarida Rocha: “Foscagem por jato de areia


For enrollment on the courses, please contact formcontinua@fba.up.pt or +351 225 192 416