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15 – 16 January

Ana João Romana: Assembling – Publishing in the Expanded Field

das grosse buch der seefahrt_2

This workshop /publication associates artists, linked to the book arts, to work with students in building a collective publication. The publication takes the form of an assembling that simultaneously incorporates and expands the pages created for this publication.

Duration: 2 days (3h first day and 6h second day) from 17h to 20h on the 15th and from 14h to 20h on the 16th

Detailed program for each session:

1 day – 15/01: In the first moment students are asked to choose a book from the FBAUP Library, which serves as inspiration and container for the assembling. In the second moment the students conceive a page, designed as a site-specific for a book chosen in the library. Pages are printed through screen printing, photocopy, linocut, monoprint, digital print, etc.

2 day – 16/01: Finishing of the printing. In the third moment the pages are compiled and expanded on the assembling that takes shape in the library space. The last moment lies on the reader /observer who, in consultation of the library books, has access to the pages. The assembling becomes a silent and expanded publication, between installation and performance.

Assembling – Publishing in the Expanded Field

Ana João Romana

15 – 16 January

Schedule: 15/01 – 17:00 to 20:00 and 16/01 – 14:00 to 20:00

Vacancies: 12

Room: Technologies Pavilion Room 303