Pure Print

Research   –   Pure Print Elements is committed with a mission of advancing research and innovation

Exhibitions   –                DECEMBER 2014    – Imagem Superfície: Alexandra Rafael (MTDI), Ana

Publications    –    Within Pure Print, for the last two years, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions

Elements Camp   –   Exposição Coletiva Brasil-Portugal   –  Abertura: 10 de Dezembro de 2014 às

Workshops    –   Workshops will be dedicated to the general conceptual aspects of printmaking such

Courses     –     Paper Arts   –    Paper Arts is a course that aims to make an approach to

Talks    –     Self publishing in printmaking is a common practice. The artist is responsible

Plein Air Week    –   Folheto informativo PLEIN AIR WEEK: PAINTING    4 – 8 May 2015   – Artists

Artist in Residence    –    Pure Print Elements offers artists, illustrators, designers actively engaged

How to   –   On various printing presses, on different workshops, through the publication of manuals,