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9 – 11 December

Nobuhiko Numazaki: Direct to Plate Lithography


This print is a technology that works can be printed quickly and easily even beginners without scientific process differs from the traditional lithographic printing.
The “Direct to plate Lithography” is a polyester plate with excellent lithographic properties.

1. Drawing the plate directly in permanent marker,ball pen or waterproof pen.
Or, transferred from laser printer directly to the plate of the image from computer.

2.Printed in the procedure of the lithographic printing
To fix the plate. To roll up the ink from Wet version
put the paper on top of the plate.
to print a intaglio press or litho press printing.


To know a variety of possibilities in knowing the new technology

Firtst day

3 hours, demonstration and commentary

Second day

3 hours, training (drawing, printing)

Third Day

6 hours, training (drawing, printing)


Direct to Plate Lithography

9 – 11 December

Schedule:Monday 9/12 – 17:00 -20:00/ Tuesday 10/12 – 17:00-20:00/ Wednesday 11/12 – 14:00-20:00/

Vacancies: 8

Room: Technology Pavilion – 303


Workshop Nobuhiko Numazaki