Pure Print



25 – 26 March

Joana Pereira + Kyung Hwa ShonBlindness – Vestiges of Image

In this workshop, we will look at several screen-print techniques combined with drawing and painting  which explores the single, the immediate and direct nature of print medium.

By printing images drawn directly onto the screen using a variety of materials and tools, participants will have the opportunity to explore not only conventional print process such as multi-coloured overlaps and stencils but also less familiar materials such as different types of pigment. Participants will be invited to create unique and instant images; but they can also work on a pre-existing image (A3 size), in order to do so, attendees are advised to come prepared with their own visual archives.

This is the opportunity for students to both understand the potentiality of unexpectedly created images with material experimentation, and explore the roles of unperceived images produced in the process of whole visual creativities.

Duration: 2 days (4h per day) from 14h to 18h

Detailed program for each session:

1 day (25 March): Introduction to the workshop objectives and contents; practical demonstrations and students’ practice.

2 day (26 March): On the second session, students are asked to bring specific ideas and images (drawings, photographs from newspaper, magazine, and their own digital images) for their final work. In the end of workshop, participants will present their work and share their experiences and results in the context of critique.

Blindness – Vestiges of Image 

Joana Pereira + Kyung Hwa Shon

25 – 26 March

Schedule: 25-26/03 – 14:00 to 18:00

Vacancies: 12

Room: Technologies Pavilion room 304