Pure Print

Artist in Residence

23 – 27 March

Kyung Hwa Shon: The Surface of the City and the Depth of the Psyche

This research project, entitled ‘The surface of the city and the depth of the psyche’, looks at the effects that specific urban environments have, including the memories and experiences associated with them. The investigation into the interactions between its specific environmental system and psychological perception through the eyes of a city phantom, Stillman will be at the forefront of this endeavor. This project particularly focuses on the rediscovery of psychological heteromorphic identification, the presence of invisible substance, and fantastic visual experiences emanating from serendipitous moments of glitch in the city of Porto. It implies the opening of the urban landscape to a distinct poetics of the city in which mythology, sign, symbol, voice, text, and trace occurs.

1.Kyung Hwa Shon_Artist in residence_2


Narrative sound installation

Gold metallic foil, silver reflective fabric, cage, teeth, phosphorescent powder pigment