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20 – 22 April

Jurgis Bernatonis and Matas Duda: Cvbankas – Creative Thinking

We pick our name of the workshop accidentally by pushing c letter in Google search. This is what our workshop is all about. It is misguiding, misdirecting, misunderstanding. By the name of our workshop we want to suggest for participants to make artworks, which could be hard or impossible to understand for others. In our workshop we would like to introduce traditional printmaking techniques combined with bookbinding techniques. We will introduce the process how to make your printmaking art works and bind them into the book. In this workshop we would like to show different ways of using printmaking as medium. We want to provoke creative thinking.

Duration: 3 days (3 h per day) from 14h to 17h

Detailed program for each session:

1 day: In the first part  of the workshop Jurgis Bernatonis will show printing process. The workshop will introduce traditional printmaking techniques. How to make printmaking equipment and “step by step” printmaking processes in easy way at home environment.  Jurgis will introduce these techniques silkscreen, relief printmaking and relief letters.

2 day: Second part of the workshop with Matas Duda. He will introduce bookbinding processes. We will take all prints, which we made before with Jurgis and transform them into the book. Matas will introduce Japanese book binding and Coptic binding.

3 day: In the final part of the workshop the books will be spread like leaflets as images all around the Porto city. In this way miss understanding conception will be spread all around Porto city to misguide other people. These signs of misunderstanding conceptions, as a process of reproducing and spreading just a visual ideas.

Cvbankas – Creative Thinking

Jurgis Bernatonis and Matas Duda

20 – 22 April

Schedule: 20 – 22/04 – 14:00 – 17:00

Vacancies: 8

Room: Technologies pavilion room 303