Pure Print

Catarina Marques

Catarina Marques is currently the assistant technician at FBAUP’s Printmaking Workshop.

She has an Architecture Degree (FAUP – Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto – 2007)

and a Master’s Degree in Drawing and Printmaking Techniques (FBAUP – Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto – FBAUP – 2009/2011)

She presented her Master’s Degree thesis “An Investigation into Concrete as an Alternative Substrate to Printmaking Tecniques” in Liverpool at the “Seventh International Conference on the Arts in Society” (paper soon to be published)

In 2013 she was teaching at the course Printmaking Techniques level I at FBAUP where she’s also been involved in several other projects, such as:

Atlas – Drawing and Prints Cabinet” where she works as museologist at a Drawing and Prints Collection, a project promoted by FBAUP, funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – 2012/2013

Anamnesis II” – technical assistant to Monika Weiss performance at FBAUP’s museum – 2013

D-LIGHT-FULL: glass prints and prints on glass” – assistant curator of the exhibition of some Master’s students – 2013

She was also the curator of the exhibition “Histórias de Projectos” by the architect Manuela Soutinho – 2012

She has collectively exhibited her work several times at Gallery Leões:

Portfolios In” – 2010

Mnemosine” – 2012

Arte em Segredo” – 2013

She has participated in an Artistic Residency in Arras at Le Quai de la Batterie where she also collectively exhibited her work – 2011